Stairport/Aerosoft Releases Newcastle XP (EGNT)

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

With V2 of Scenery Animation Manager (SAM) now online, Aerosoft has published Stairport's Newcastle XP, which makes use of the popular animation plugin for scenery.

Announced at Flight Sim Show 2019, previews of the airport followed at the end of October.

The airport was originally developed by Innovative Development Studios and has been converted by Stairport and published by Aerosoft for X-Plane.

According to the product page, "Newcastle International Airport is situated in the area of Newcastle upon Tyne, England, about 6 miles north of the city centre. Newcastle International was rated the 11th busiest airport in the UK, and the second busiest in Northern England, with Manchester coming first, handling over 4.8 million passengers."

The airport opened in 1935 and is now owned by seven local authorities.

As already stated, Newcastle makes use of SAM V2, as well as other features. These are:

  • 20cm/pixel Photoscenery
  • Custom PBR ground textures
  • Animated Jetways, Marshaller and VDGS (SAMv2 Plugin required)
  • Custom static aircrafts
  • All tower interiors
  • HD vegetation
  • Custom Approach lights
  • HDR lighting
  • Animated vehicles
  • Custom terrain model (car park)
  • Wet and snow ground effects
  • Custom Color & Season Adjustments (SAMv2 Plugin required):
  • ORBX TrueEarth
  • ORBX TerraFlora
  • SAM Seasons
  • Ortho4XP

The airport is available for €20.12 (incl. 20% VAT). Other stores are expected to stock the scenery soon.

Stairport also released St Tropez recently, an airport located in south-west France. Additionally, further details of yesterday's SAM V2 release can be read here.

The developer can be followed on Facebook here.

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