SkyMaxx Pro v4.9.3 Update Released

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Coming in just under a week since the first previews of the update emerged, X-Aviation's Cameron Son has announced the release of SkyMaxx Pro version 4.9.3.

Dubbed "the most popular cloud engine for X-Plane", the addon was also one of the first to respond to the release of X-Plane version 11.50, adding Vulkan compatibility just a day after its entry into public beta.

Today's news came via the X-Pilot Forums, where Son listed the changes:

  • Fixes some cloud shadow anomalies
  • Fixed cloud drawing anomalies in Vulkan / HDR when using some third-party aircraft
  • Improves cumulus and overcast cloud lighting
  • Adjusts some cloud textures

A notable omission from this update is compatibility with macOS' Vulkan equivalent, Metal. This means users on Apple's platform will have to stay on OpenGL rendering for the time being, either on v11.41 or in the checkbox option on the 11.50 beta. Maxx-XP, the plugin author, cites this blog post from Laminar Research as a reason for why.

The update is free for existing owners of SkyMaxx Pro V4. To get your hands on it, head to X-Aviation's account page and re-download the file.

Alternatively, you can find SkyMaxx Pro on sale for $39.95 USD on the X-Aviation Store here.

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