TorqueSim Releases SR20 for X-Plane 11

November 14, 2020

TorqueSim Aircraft Development have become known as one of the most advanced developers for X-Plane 11, introducing to the sim study-level representations of piston powerhouses like the SR22 and the rather more rugged, grassroots BN2 Islander.

Off the back of their SR22, TorqueSim have now come to the end of their development of the SR20 for X-Plane 11, the SR22’s stablemate. Although similar to the SR22, the developer has introduced an entirely new engine model on the aircraft, and the 3D model and systems have had a revamp to more accurately match the SR20’s behaviour. It’s priced at $49.95 and can be bought from X-Aviation.

The aircraft will be sold separately but a discount code is available for those who already own the SR22.

The SR20 is equipped with a normally aspirated Continental IO-360-ES capable of 200 HP. The representation of this engine is said to be the most accurate simulation of a piston engine for X-Plane, modelling the flows of air and fuel through every part of the engine in real time. As TorqueSim claim, ‘All engine parameters are tuned against a huge database of real engine log data to ensure maximum possible accuracy in all phases of flight.’

  • Mass flows of air and fuel, pressures and temperatures calculated in every section of the engine independently
  • Torque generation algorithm based on air-fuel ratio closely reflects engine performance graphs and enables highly accurate leaning behaviour
  • All engine parameters are tuned against a huge database of real engine log data to ensure maximum possible accuracy in all phases of flight
  • Normal, cold, hot, flooded and false starts simulated employing the custom fuel system
  • Engine temperatures calculated per cylinder depending on numerous internal and environmental factors, all components take their real times to cool down
  • Custom G1000 %Power algorithm based on sensed engine parameters and not actual engine power output
  • Custom oil system with oil cooler, filter, degradation and consumption
  • Custom prop governor with propeller control linked to throttle
  • Real engine set screw for maximum fuel flow can be turned
  • Cylinder detonation (engine knock), low engine temperatures increase friction and wear, spark plug fouling, improper magneto grounding and numerous other custom failures

As you’d expect from TorqueSim, the fuel system, maintenance and failure systems and simulations have all been faithfully recreated – including an immersive maintenance, wear and failure model that encourages steady, consistent operation of the plane. It’s not just the engine and flight model that use this element of the sim either – tyres will flatten, brakes will fade and FOD can be experienced on unprepared airstrips and ground.

If something a little faster and higher interests you – there’s more in the pipeline from TorqueSim. They have recently posted external previews of their upcoming Cessna Citation 525 and more information about this can be found on their Discord server.

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