Partial Cockpit Renders of Skyline Simulations' Dash 8 Q100/200/300

Alex John
Saturday, May 11, 2019

Skyline Simulations has kept quiet about their work-in-progress Dash 8 aircraft series for just over three months now, but the silence was broken today, with new previews of some of the cockpit modules and front panel.

"We know it takes some time, but, as always, we aim for the best quality! Progress is being made and every step we take on this, we bring you closer to this beautiful bird! It is our first aircraft addon, so we are making sure you will get the best Q, as real as it gets! 🙂"

The image above shows a GNS-XLS FMC, which differs from the UNS-1 FMS that was mentioned in the announcement.

Last year, the announcement with early renders of the exterior included just the Dash 8 Q200/Q300, but was then stretched to include the Q100 in February's progress update. The Dash 8 will be Skyline Simulations' first aircraft for X-Plane - they are otherwise entirely focused on scenery.

inDepthSimulations also have a Dash 8 Q300 in development, and FlyJSim are rebuilding their Q400 variant from the ground up.

See the source post and follow the developer on their Facebook page here.

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