Supercritical Simulations Group Releases New Screenshots of 747-8F v2

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) has published new screenshots of their much anticipated  747-8F v2 on their Facebook Page.

The freighter variant will carry an array of improvements and will be an addition to the updated passenger version released last October.

The pictures showcase the cabin, the cockpit, and the exterior of the plane in various stages of a flight. However, it is unclear from the pictures whether the cockpit’s textures and systems are being updated from the passenger variant.

The 747-8F, capable of carrying 442 tons of cargo, is one of the most popular variants of freighter in the world with more than 90 aircraft flying in service. 

Additional renders of the 747-8F v2 can be found here.

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