Stairport Updates Scenery Animation Manager Products

May 14, 2020

Stairport has updated a range of Scenery Animation Manager (SAM) products, including the SAM suite, WorldJetways, and the DeveloperPack.

First on the list is SAM Suite V1.1, which adds on to the initial release at the beginning of April. "Besides a fix for multi monitor setup we added a realtime readout," Marten informed Threshold. "That means SAM Suite will check the installed extensions of the selected X-Plane directory on every startup. If you delete content manually the Suite will recognize it. Furthermore we fixed the WorldJetways license readout to be synchronized with the plugin window and Steam users will see their activation live in SAM Suite as well.

"Please [note] that we won't update the extensions available on various forums anymore as they will be deleted shortly. The latest as well as legacy versions can all be downloaded through SAM Suite."

The SAM Base Plugin also received an update, adding two new key features to V2.0.6:

"First is an external power option for jetways. Scenery authors can select, [whether] their jetway should provide external power or not. If it does, the default external power dataref will be triggered if the jetway is connected/disconnected. We also added a custom dataref for aircraft authors using their own logic. Thanks to the Magknight Team for a first integration into their famous 787.

"Second is the fixed jetway docking guidance. Scenery authors can implement fixed jetways without a rotation but the parking position guidance by the VDGS was not correct as it was aiming for the same frontwheel spot for every aircraft leading to a door offset with bigger aircrafts. Now the VDGS can be configured to use the front door position as reference.  If the aircraft has a different door position it will be guided to the same door position as the default 738 to ensure the fixed jetway will connect to the door."

For WorldJetways, version 1.0.2 adds an external power option to all default and MisterX objects, and the DeveloperPack, now version 1.0.1, now contains the source development kit for SAM Season which can be incorporated into any freeware or payware scenery, using this tutorial.

As aforementioned, all products are available through the standalone SAM Suite, designed to make installation and updating of their products simple.

Elsewhere, Stairport updated Aerosoft's Berlin Tegel to V1.03, and assisted in the release of Panama Pacifico XP about a month ago.

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