Thrustmaster Announce TCA Quadrant Addon Release Date

November 25, 2020

Having revealed their “Civil Aviation” series of flight controls back in September, Thrustmaster has taken to Twitter to announce the release date for their newest product, the “TCA Quadrant Add-on,” which is also part of this series.

As seen in the image below, this is an addon to the throttle quadrant and replicates an Airbus A320neo. The addon is also easily installed into the existing quadrant, by attaching it to both the left and right side of the throttle.

The product is added to either side of the TCA Quadrant, giving flap and spoiler functionality.

Starting off their announcement, Thrustmaster confirmed they’re aware of people still waiting to receive their “TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition” and have stated that they’re working on getting more available.

According to Thrustmaster, the “TCA Quadrant Add-on” will be available on November 26th in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. With the add-on coming to Europe, the Middle East and Africa on December 29th.

The add-on can be seen on the FlightSimWebshop for € 89,99 though It’s not available for purchase. The “TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition” is available to buy on Amazon, albeit hard to find in stock.

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