Orbx Formally Announces TrueEarth US Oregon

Saturday, August 10, 2019

After outlining plans for a Beaver State TrueEarth rendition in late January and the subsequent release of the first American entry in the series, Washington, Orbx have formally announced and previewed TrueEarth US Oregon in a post on their forum today.

The planned release schedule stays true to that predicted by CEO John Venema earlier this year, with Washington released in the second quarter and Oregon due in the third.

Aimee Sanjari once again broke the news via the group's forum, proclaiming two versions of the scenery; Oregon HD and SD, standing for High Definition and Standard Definition respectively.

The differences between SD and HD are in quality and file size, with the HD version weighing in at 225GB, whereas the SD only 63GB - this is because the HD version uses 1.2m/pixel imagery (roughly ZL17) with the SD edition only using 2.4m/pixel (ZL16). The HD version is AUD $10 more expensive at AUD $64.95.

Sanjari says of the new scenery:

"We have gone all out in customizing TrueEarth US Oregon - you will really see the difference in the hand corrected and sharpened aerial imagery and water masking at 2m per pixel. We have also customized the autogen buildings, which means the residential areas for example are filled with actual  Oregon-style houses. The tree and building heights are also accurate to the region."

The prices for TrueEarth US Oregon's two editions are $54.95 AUD (SD pack) and $64.95 AUD (HD pack).

Learn more on the Orbx Forum thread here.

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