Threshold Exclusive: FlyJSim Q4XP Textured Cockpit Previews

October 25, 2019

Since the 2nd generation of FlyJSim's Q400 series - dubbed the "Q4XP" - was announced back in December 2018, the group have remained quiet on how the 3rd aircraft in their range is progressing.

Only once a quarter are official previews given out, though today, FlyJSim take a break from their rigorous tradition to share some new images exclusively for Threshold readers.

In the last status update, published in August 2019, the team ran us through the first modelling previews of the cockpit. Only two months later, development has reached the texturing stage, with these the first previews to feature completed texturing in the cockpit.

To celebrate the occasion, the brand's marketing head Dellanie Byron put in a word with Threshold's Keizo Ono regarding the cockpit texturing on the Q4XP:

"Hello everyone! We’re excited to partner up with Threshold to bring you the first textured previews of the Q4XP.

"These images are renders, so they may differ once placed under X-Plane’s lighting. However, as you can see, we have put an extremely high level of craftsmanship (through the work of Valdudes and FlyingJackal) into creating the most authentic looking Q400 cockpit on the market."

In addition to today's previews, Byron says to expect more in the forthcoming 3rd quarter report, due out very soon.

If you're itching for new Q4XP previews as soon as possible, be sure to check out FlyJSim's developers on Twitch - Valdudes and FlyingJackal - for the inside scoop on development.

"Make sure to follow us to receive early previews and more frequent updates, also to check out our on-going sale this week on all our aircraft", says the marketing guru, who runs the social media pages of FlyJSim.

All of FlyJSim's current range, which includes the 727 Professional, 732 Twinjet and the original Q400 (now bearing the "Legacy" name), are 25% off for the rest of this week.

You can find FlyJSim on Facebook here, or join their Pilots' Group on the same platform for special, group-exclusive previews every once so often. Alternatively, check out the brand's Twitter page here, or join their 1,300 strong Discord community here.

As always, Threshold will be across any developments from FlyJSim.

Learn more about the Q4XP in a previous article.

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