ToLiss Confirms A321neo; Discusses MSFS

August 20, 2020

Days after announcing their third aircraft project, the A340-600, ToLiss Simulation Solutions have confirmed that an A321neo variant will be coming soon.

Giuliana Gennaro, leader at the development group, said that the NEO variant would be a ‘small add-on’ to the $79.00 USD add-on.

“We can assure you that we are fully committed to X-Plane and that our projects on this  platform will not be impacted in any way.“

“This year we will bring the A321 NEO and next year a new A340-600. As always, we will also continue to provide constant updates and support to existing products.”

ToLiss' new A340-600.

Moving to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator was also on the developer’s mind this week, addressing it thusly:

“We are definitely looking in to all possibilities. MSFS is still a very young platform and in time we will look at how our products can also be brought to it.”

Essentially, X-Plane will be the focus for now, however, Microsoft Flight Simulator is not ruled out at this stage.

Learn more about ToLiss’ A340-600 project here.

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