TORQUESIM Teases Upcoming Pocket Rocket

Sam Clark
Sunday, December 30, 2018

Formed as a partnership between Attitude Simulations and Advanced Flight Modelling (also known as AFM Simulation), TORQUESIM is seeing good progress on it's first product. The Pocket Rocket, more formally known as the Impulse 100, is a single engined light sport aircraft capable of seating two people.

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The TORQUESIM venture was announced back in August, with the Pocket Rocket carrying over from it's parent group Attitude Simulations to become a joint project between Attitude and AFM. As a part of the partnership, two new aircraft were announced - both, coincidentally owned by Mike Patey; the DRACO and the Turbulence.

The new previews of the Pocket Rocket surfaced on the TORQUESIM Facebook group yesterday and show off the aircraft in flight.

"This thing is incredible...With almost 6 hours of fuel including reserves you can take this thing almost anywhere...and FAST!"

Developer Steaven Mckenzie goes on to add that the aircraft will soon enter beta stage, which potentially means a release in early 2019.

To find out more about the TORQUESIM Pocket Rocket, see one of our earlier news entries.

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