ToLiss Simulations Showcase A321 LR and XLR Previews

November 30, 2020

ToLiss took to their Discord today to showcase previews of a future update coming to the A321. The previews contained multiple new screenshots, showcasing the NEO variant, updated wing textures, and functional doors.

The previews also showed inside the cockpit, specifically looking at the ECAM, which has been updated to incorporate the aircraft’s NEO edition.

Multiple variants of the A321 neo have been confirmed, with the LR and XLR versions confirmed. The aircraft will also contain both of the neo’s engine types, the CFM International's LEAP-1A and Pratt & Whitney's PurePower PW1100G-JM geared turbofan. Although a slightly inaccurate XLR will be available upon launch due to the real aircraft’s minuscule information, it will be corrected at a later date once more information becomes available. 

Though, the developer provided a glimpse into what the XLR will contain once information becomes more readily available:

  • reworked flaps
  • reworked gear
  • completely reworked FBW + AP
  • fixed Rear Center Tank
  • optional AC

New ISCS options have been added to coincide with this update as well, allowing you to select the aircraft type (neo, neo LR, and the neo XLR) and the engine type (IAE 2533, CFM56, PW1130G, and the CFM-LEAP). 

No pricing details or release dates were given; although an upgrade price is expected for previous ToLiss A321 users, an A319 neo has not yet been confirmed.

The rest of the previews are available on ToLiss’ Discord server.

ToLiss has many projects coming up, they announced the A346 back in August, which is expected to release sometime in 2021. We’ll keep an eye on any further developments from ToLiss and make sure to keep you updated.

Thanks to Discord users $Alpha_Pilot$, KriZ, and 4HM4D for making us aware of this information.

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