Threshold Exclusive: Canada4XPlane Vancouver City Previews

July 2, 2020

It was announced back in May that Canada4XPlane would be teaming up with their opposite number from the ESP-platform world, FSimStudios aiding in bringing a number of their titles to X-Plane, beginning with Kelowna (CYLW) and now to continue with Vancouver's City and Airport.

Vancouver is the second of the three announced airports making the jump to Laminar's sim, with Edmunton joining the line-up at some later point, according to the developer.

Patrick Putlend, the man behind all of Canada4XPlane's sceneries, had already begun a rendition of Vancouver's cityscape prior to the partnership with FSimStudios, which will now be released as a freeware addon marketed alongside the payware airport product.

It's this VFR scenery which he has released new previews for, exclusively for Threshold readers. Showing a number of completed 'points of interest', the main ones finished at time of writing include the Lions Gate Bridge and marina in Vancouver Harbour.

Revisiting the Forum thread for this project's development, an often overlooked fact about this partnership is that FSimStudios are not simply converting their work, saying instead that "Kelowna, Edmonton and Vancouver are going to be released by Canada4XPlane as a collaboration with FSimStudios."

"It's important to note that this is not just a conversion of our [Prepar3D] releases - The sceneries are being built from scratch for X-Plane 11, using our assets and models, and are being released [by Canada4XPlane]."

The expected price for Vancouver Airport is approximately $24.99 USD, with the release date set in 'early Fall 2020', though this is simply a rough estimation on the developer's part.

The first scenery under the cooperation, Kelowna, released last month. Learn more about that scenery in a previous article.

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