vFlyteAir Simulations Announces Cessna 150

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

vFlyteAir Simulations has announced their latest aircraft for X-Plane, the Cessna 150 Commuter. The Cessna 150 was debuted via a YouTube video today over on vFlyteAir’s channel. 

The Cessna 150 is a tricycle geared, light-weight, low cost, aircraft that was produced between 1958 and 1977. It is one of the most produced civilian aircraft of all time, with production numbers reaching close to 24,000 planes. 

Features of vFlyteAir’s Cessna 150 include:

  • Librain Integration for rain effects 
  • Kneeboard with interactive weight, balance, and checklist sheets
  • Center of gravity shifting according to weight changes
  • Preflight walk around mode 
  • Visual fuel check is accurate to within ½ a gallon 
  • Both trainer and commuter panels available
  • Custom engine startup requiring proper procedures are followed
  • Custom Cessna 150 FMOD sounds by Mike Maarse, Sim Acoustics
  • Cessna 300A Autopilot with HDG, NAV, and localizer tracking
  • Interchangeable units on airspeed indicator 
  • 14 different liveries included out of the box 

vFlyteAir’s last aircraft was the Piper Cherokee 140, back in mid-August. The Cessna 150 will be the latest addition to vFlyteAir’s trainer aircraft lineup, with vFlyteAir saying the Cessna 150 will release this month. 

Threshold will make sure you know when the vFlyteAir Cessna 150 releases. If you would like to view the original announcement video, click here. To view previous articles about vFlyteAir, click here.

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