Vertical Simulations Announces Spokane Airport for X-Plane

Keizo Ono
Monday, June 24, 2019

A month after releasing his last airport Vertical Simulations is back, this time on the West Coast of the United States. Posted on Facebook an hour ago, his next airport for X-Plane will be Spokane International Airport, Washington State.

“This one has been requested several times and I thought I'd give the West Coast some love!”

According to the post, features will include:

-PBR Rain effects

-Compatibility with Orbx TrueEarth Washington

-Autogate, then SAM support

-4k Ortho/aerial imagery

-3D ramp workers

-Full WT3/live traffic support

-Ambient Occlusion + photorealistic texturing

-PBR on ground textures/buildings

No price or release date has been announced. Vertical Simulations has also stated that the announcement of Spokane will not impact progress on his other upcoming scenery, Tampa International Airport, Florida.

Vertical Simulations’ original post on Facebook can be found here. To view previous articles about Vertical Simulations, click here.

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