Verticalsim Studios Updates Houston Hobby (KHOU) Freeware

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Following the release of Stairport's Scenery Animation Manager version 2 earlier today, Verticalsim Studios have responded quickly with an update to their Houston Hobby Airport freeware package.

In addition to SAM version 2 compatibility, the update also builds on ground textures at the airport, sporting new dirt markings and adjusting the look of the runways at the Southwest hub.

The full changelog includes:


  • Adjust roof texture
  • Adjusted concrete
  • Adjusted runways
  • Compatibility with 11.30
  • Compatibility with Traffic Global


  • Cargo containers in depot
  • More cars
  • New dirt markings
  • SAM V2 support
  • exe installer (Windows only)

You can download Houston Hobby version 3.0 by Verticalsim Studios, 3rd Watch and Captain K-man for free over on the Verticalsim Studios website here.

Learn more about Scenery Animation Manager version 2 in a previous article.

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