More Previews of Verticalsim Studios' Tampa (KTPA)

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Verticalsim Studios has posted more previews of his upcoming Tampa International Airport, which has been in the development pipeline for the past two years. 'Verticalsim' as the head developer calls himself on social platforms informed us at the end of last year that he intended to release Tampa right before or after Christmas.

Though this has not occurred, the previews posted today indicated the scenery is very close to release and is in a highly polished state.

Since that was in December, we can only assume that he is working as fast as possible on it’s release. Today, Verticalsim posted more previews of the airport on Facebook with the caption, “Tampa is getting closer and closer”. 

Verticalsim Studios decided to finish the long development of Tampa, and postpone the development of smaller Myrtle Beach Airport due to financial reasons. The company primarily develops smaller regional airports that don’t attract quite as much traffic as their larger neighbors - these from Cedar Rapids Airport (KCID) to Corpus Christi (KCRP) to more urban airports such as Long Island Macarthur (KISP) and Spokane International (KGEG). 

To view the original Facebook post, click here. To view previous articles about Verticalsim Studios, click here.

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