Vertical Simulations Releases VStates Georgia

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Scenery developer Vertical Simulations has released VStates Georgia for X-Plane, making Georgia the second state in his project. VStates is a currently freeware project that provides government sourced satellite imagery combined with color corrections made by Vertical Simulations. The eventual goal of the VStates project is to provide color corrected ortho imagery for the entire mainland United States.

The features for VStates include:

-Coverage of the whole mainland US (In the future)

-Works/mixes color-wise with most payware airports

-Includes all patches of each payware airports

-Hand-colored corrected for definition/vibrancy/sharpness

-Built using Ortho4XP for easy integration to allow user functionality

The coverage area of VStates Georgia (circled), as well as the coverage of VStates Florida

Vertical Simulations has said that VStates may become a payware project in the future, although the price would be only around 2-3 dollars (USD) per state.

To download VStates Georgia, click here. To view previous articles about Vertical Simulations, click here.

Thanks to RCFLYER86 for the tip off over on the Threshold Discord server, which can be found here.

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