Dynamic Snow Previews in xAmbience v1.1

Sam Clark
Alex John
Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Russian group HighSkyTech have shown off some new previews of their weather enhancement solution xAmbience, for the first time bringing snow and seasons into the equation. The update, which has cycled between names 'v1.1', '1.10' and "xAmbience Pro' will also build on the product through improvements in cloud and sky textures.

xAmbience was released in January of this year, initially to mixed reception. The group quickly rectified some of the more loud complaints with Service Pack 1 which dropped two months later.

Today's previews show off a brand new dynamic snow system and were posted on xAmbience's development thread on the X-Plane.org Forum.

Images of snow covering a 737 in-sim were followed up with the claim the team will attempt to extend the snow cover to ground textures too, though this is not confirmed, first requiring the team have a conversation with "an engineer".

Version 1.1 will also include the following features, per the list posted in June 2019:

  • New 10 cloud presets with new high defenition rendering technology based on real photos
  • New 10 sky colors with new rendering
  • Cloud passing effect [beta]
  • New thunderstorms rendering
  • New system of sky render
  • New texture reference system
  • Fixed seasons logic, added new logic for extra render seasons on low pc
  • New sound system with new manipulators
  • Full horizon clouds coverage [beta]
  • More cloud types

You can see the source for this article over on the X-Plane.org Forum.

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