X-Crafts Appeals for ERJ Beta Testers

Sam Clark
Wednesday, January 2, 2019

X-Plane aircraft development team X-Crafts have released beta team applications for their upcoming ERJ series for Laminar's sim. The faces behind the popular E175 and E195 models announced that they would be developing the ERJ's back in August. 

Previously we've reported that three types of ERJ will be modelled, ranging from the 37-seater E135 to the E145, capable of seating 50 passengers.

In a post on Facebook, X-Crafts make clear that they are in need of mature, reliable people to join the test team ahead of beta period later this month. It links to a Google Form, which has a little more information about the ERJ project.

Perhaps most interestingly, developer Marko Mamula details what the system depth will be like in the new fleet of regional jets:

"I have decided to target the part of the flight sim enthusiasts who are not hard[-core] simmers, because I also never was one and I wanted to make planes that are fun to fly, so I decided to create add-ons that offer something in the middle.  I am openly saying that my planes are not study level aircraft."

Beyond that, Marko lists around 15 questions addressing your connection to X-Plane and X-Crafts (it is important to note that you must own an X-Crafts product to apply), as well as questions directed at you, your personal availablilty for testing and hardware setup.

To apply for the X-Crafts ERJ beta program, check out their Facebook page.

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