X-Crafts Updates ERJ Family to v1.1.4

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The dynamic duo of Marko Mamula and Steve Wilson have dropped a new update to their brand's ERJ Family which was initially released in May 2019.

The family includes five Embraer aircraft: the E135, E140, E145, E145XR and the Legacy 650, a business jet variant of the airliner.

In a post made on the X-Plane.org Forum, Mamula listed the changes:

Aircraft Related Changes

  • Corrected EICAS fuel flow readouts to ensure pounds values were shown with the PPH (pounds per hour) indication, and kilograms values for KPH (kilograms per hour).
  • Also revised to be sure that these readouts were still visible with AVIONICS 1 and AVIONICS 2 in the OFF condition.

ERJ Functions

  • Revised speedbrakes automation to enable use by users that prefer to use the mouse for all flight control input and to eliminate any issues related to joystick axis position.  We now use the animated throttle position and the position of the reverser buckets to be sure that the reversers are not deployed before automatically closing the speedbrakes.
  • Revised internal datastructures for greater code efficiency.

To update to the new version, simply run the SkunkCrafts Updater included in the aircraft file to bring your copy up to v1.1.4.

If you don't currently own the ERJ Family by X-Crafts, you can purchase all five aircraft for $89.95 from the X-Plane.org Store here.

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