X-Plane's Feature Requests and Suggests System: What has Laminar Research Said?

October 20, 2020

About three weeks ago, Laminar Research introduced a new feature requests and suggestions system to see what users would like to see in future updates and editions of X-Plane.

Currently leading the list are four items that pertain to weather or the atmosphere.

In order, they are improved atmosphere and lighting model, volumetric clouds, dynamic weather and seasons! Infinite summer is boring!

According to responses from Tyler Young of Laminar Research, these four ideas are either being actively looked into or are being considered in the future.

Other ideas with large backing from users with regards to foliage and the appearance of ground and water include grass and foliage, different water colors!!!, better default scenery textures (procedural/non-orthophoto-based) and 3D autogen trees.

As with the first set of items, Young said these items are under consideration for the future.

Laminar Research has expressed their intent for ideas with more immediate plans, however.

One such example is better CPU utilisation, in which Young said Vulkan was the first step and that work on this front is ongoing.

But the remainder of replies from Young indicate that they are looking into these ideas, be it now or in the future.

ATC for VFR, implement 3d water, snow & ice that accumulates on suitable surfaces, wet effects on the runways and airports and make jetways movable are all also being considered.

Evidently, therefore, the early days of this new system may help shape the future of X-Plane should Laminar Research take on-board the ideas of users.

The team has been relatively silent for the past few months now, only releasing the Vulkan/Metal update to X-Plane in September, X-Plane Mobile MMO, and hints from Austin Meyer of a new weather system being cooked up.

Whatever happens next, Threshold will be sure to let you know of any updates from Laminar Research.

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