XPRealistic V2 Updated to v2.1.0

Sunday, June 21, 2020

The developers of XPRealstic V2, RK Apps, have released V.2.1.0 of their popular immersion add-on. This update brings three minor improvements and bug fixes.

XPRealistic V2 enables users to add a variety of realism effects into X-Plane to help build up the immersion. V2.1.0 focuses on improving the add-on’s stability, compatibility, and user-friendliness while patching the effects’ bugs.

The full changelog is as follows:

  • (New) Improved surface turbulence effect
  • (New) Improved blade slapping effect
  • (Fix) Improved engine vibration stable RPM while on idle
  • (Fix) Some users can't activate getting invalid key error
  • (Fix) X-Plane crashes when using some of JAR aircraft
  • (Fix) X-Plane crash on exit
  • (Fix) Compatibility issues with X-Plane's native TrackIR support
  • (Fix) Compatibility issues with xPilot
  • (Fix) Plugin menu entry name changed from enabled/disabled to enable/disable
  • (Fix) Plugin menu entry "enabled/disabled" is inconsistent
  • (Fix) Compatibility issues with SmartCopilot
  • (Fix) Violent shaking from engine stable RPM effect for many aircraft addons
  • (Fix) Compatibility issues with PilotEdge
  • (Fix) Speed brake effect preview works while effect itself not on some aircraft addons
  • (Fix) Ground effect runs on FF763 even when already on the ground
  • (Fix) Compatibility issues with some of Just Flight aircraft
  • (Fix) XPRealistic window not showing when using multi-monitor setups
  • (Fix) Font issue causing text to be not readable (not verified)

According to the store page, “XPRealistic V2 adds another level of realism into X-Plane 11” with V2 bringing Vulcan compatibility, a growing list of 40 effects, 120 different sound effects, VR support, and many other features that, according to the developers, have no impact on performance.

XPRealistic V2 can be purchased on X-Plane.org Store for $34.99. Alternatively, new users have the option to download a free trial version of the add-on from the developer's official website and try it for seven days.
For more information on XPRealistic v2, check out a previous article and podcast.

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