Flight Factor A320 Updated, WXR Now Final

Saturday, July 20, 2019

International development group Flight Factor has released a new update to their very popular A320 addon, bringing a raft of new features and fixes from previous betas.

The very controversial lack of weather radar in the initial release has now been fully remedied, following its appearance in the 0.10.0 beta released in mid-April.

X-Plane.org Forum user Horusjatina announced the changes in a post which you can see below:


  • Improved CPU usage on MAC
  • Fixed clicks in VR mode
  • Fixed communication with activation server
  • Removed all spaces from the commands list and renewed the commands.txt file


  • Weather radar added
  • CIDS: added Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) to EFB
  • CIDS: cabin and galley illumination control from FAP
  • CIDS: cabin ready function
  • CIDS: temperature control from FAP
  • CIDS: cabin and mech calls, interphone, PA announcements and audio management
  • CIDS: EVAC function
  • Emergency lighting

To update to 0.10.8, simply run the X-Updater file in the Flight Factor A320 root folder - the developer makes it clear that the "beta" box should not be ticked.

To find out more about Flight Factor's recent endeavours, check out a previous article where the aircraft development brand talks the 777X, as well as changes to their 757 and 767 planes.

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