New Flight Factor A320U Beta; 757/767 Secure Navigraph Login; Boeing 777X Hint

July 16, 2019

Over the past few days, more news from Flight Factor has emerged regarding multiple aircraft.

Starting with the A320 Ultimate, a new beta has been released that adds cabin announcements, emergency evacuation panel functionality and emergency lighting.

Posted to the forum, user Horusjatina posted this changelog for 0.10.7:


  • Emergency lighting
  • CIDS: EVAC function
  • CIDS: crew speeches and announcement updates

Last month, 0.10.6 was released with a couple of features regarding temperature management and cabin-related communication, also as a beta.

Existing users can update through the updater, making sure to check the beta checkbox. 0.9.7 is the current stable version.

Meanwhile in the 757/767 department, Flight Factor announced on Twitter that external authentication for Navigraph charts access in the EFB is on its way

Currently, a user needs to input their Navigraph username and password into the EFB. The external authentication adds the essential layer of security for "true paranoiacs."

"Something for true paranoiacs :-) External authentication (via browser) for Navigraph charts in our 757/767 EFB is coming!"

The Flat Panel Display System (FPDS) avionics are also making their way into the 757/767. More details can be found below.

Flight Factor Previews 757/767 FPDS Avionics
Flight Factor Previews 757/767 FPDS Avionics

Furthermore, Flight Factor has hinted at the development of the Boeing 777X.

Twitter user Micah Messer tags the developer, along with Just Flight, asking who will be making the 777X for X-Plane 11. Flight Factor's response was "Take a guess :)".

It is not confirmed at this time if they are indeed working on the 777X, but the above reply is somewhat indicative of its development.

The Boeing 777X will be Boeing's latest commercial civil airliner to take to the skies, and will become the largest twin-engine aircraft in the world.

Its certification and thus delivery to airliners however has been delayed, currently due to engine issues.

It is powered by two General Electric GE9X turbofan engines, which holds the world record for the world's most powerful jet engine, rated at 134,300 pounds of thrust. That's 6,400 pounds of thrust greater than the GE90 set in 2002.

Flight Factor also recently released renders of the landing gear on the A350 V2. More details below.

Flight Factor A350 V2 Landing Gear Renders
Flight Factor A350 V2 Landing Gear Renders

Many thanks to pilott192 for notifying us of Flight Factor's 777X comment. Our Discord server can be found here.

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