Aerobask Previews Falcon 8X Fuel System

Sam Clark
Friday, July 26, 2019

Since its announcement back in March, Aerobask’s Falcon 8X has gained widespread community attention and fanfare, following head developer Yoyoz’s occasional peeks into the development schedule – more recently we’ve seen focus appear to shift from larger elements (namely the exterior modelling) to smaller parts like the interior systems.

Posted to the development thread earlier today, Yoyoz gives an update on the fuelling system onboard the Falcon 8X.

“And here is the refuelling panel, fully functional. There is a shortcut for setting the view in front of it in internal view mode, otherwise manipulator would not work in external view mode. Here, no fuel plug means truck is pushing fuel (hose not modeled), but lamp indicates requested quantity has been reached.”

A lone preview accompanied his explanation, showing various completed elements of the fuel panel.

This post follows one from last month where the developer showcases the fuel system from inside the cockpit. To learn more about the interior of the Falcon 8X by Aerobask, check out a previous article.

See the 8X development thread here.

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