Aerobask Previews SkyView Avionics in Upcoming Shark UL

Alex John
Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Aerobask has announced the development of a SkyView system for X-Plane 11, which is to be introduced in a Shark UL.

Beginning with the former, the SkyView system is an avionics suite designed for glass cockpits. Its manufacturer, Dynon Avionics, designs the variants of the system with customizability in mind so that both rookie and experienced pilots can become one with flying an aircraft equipped with SkyView.

Aerobask, writing to Facebook, said that SkyView is planned to release later this year, as it is currently beginning to take form.

Synthetic vision, a custom moving map, six-pack instruments, a new flight plan system, and more are being embedded into the system, with everything "fully customizable".

Of equal interest is the first aircraft Aerobask intends to implement SkyView into: a Shark.Aero Shark.

The aircraft was previewed without any formal announcement in December, but multiple users were able to identify its characteristic carbon fibre cockpit and correctly guess the product.

The UL variant was mentioned in the post, which has capacity for one pilot and passenger, a maximum takeoff weight of almost half a metric ton, and capability to pull up to four positive Gs.

It was estimated to be available this month, which gives the developer until Sunday to meet this date. As has been proven by most aircraft developers however, public estimates and deadlines can be difficult to meet once announced.

Their post also implies the Shark UL may release initially without the avionics, or later in the year with SkyView. Nonetheless, further posts and details of the Shark are expected to be released in the future.

Aerobask is currently in the process of developing a Falcon 8X, in partnership with its manufacturer Dassault Aviation. The latest preview of the aircraft is available to view here.

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