Carenado Announces F50 For X-Plane

Keizo Ono
Sunday, July 21, 2019

Carenado has announced their latest aircraft for X-Plane, the F50 (Fokker 50). In one of their standard brief aircraft announcements on Facebook, Carenado posted multiple pictures showcasing both the interior and exterior of the aircraft.

The announcement comes ten days after the release of their FA50 (Falcon 50) for X-Plane. The Fokker 50 will join the Saab 340B, B1900D, and possibly the ATR-42 and -72, in Carenado's increasing regional aircraft inventory for X-Plane.

To view the original Facebook post by Carenado, click here. To view previous articles about Carenado, click here.

Thanks to Discord user timmetje2001 for the tip-off over on the Threshold Discord server.

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