JARDesign Releases CoPilot for the Toliss A321

June 9, 2020

JARDesign have released their latest adaptation of Linda, a co-pilot designed to help the simmer perform various tasks; this time for the recently released Toliss A321.

The long-established X-Plane developer first previewed the CoPilot concept at the end of 2018, this was followed three months later by the release of the CoPilot plugin for the Flight Factor 767 and JARDesign A320. The series was expanded one year later with the release of the plugin for the Toliss A319

Linda is able to perform numerous tasks in the cockpit of the A321, as indicated on the product page, she is qualified to fly the A321 as a first officer. The plugin is powered by a voice recognition software that allows the user to give commands to the second pilot. 

Here is the full list of features provided by the developer: 

  • animated 3d CoPilot body
  • can recognize and execute your command
  • can speak with you
  • can read checklists
  • can operate with flight events (based on flight parameters detection)
  • can execute SOP (Normal Procedures, Limited)

As always with the CoPilot plugin, a demonstration is available on JARDesigns’s website for users to try. 

The JARDesign Copilot plugin for the Toliss Airbus A321 is available on the X-Plane.org Store for $14.95 however, the developer indicated that the plugin is not compatible with Linux. 

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