FlightFactor Shares Further Renders of the Boeing C-32, and A350 V1 Re-Texturing

Alex John
Friday, October 11, 2019

Aiming to add another variant to their Boeing 757 Professional, FlightFactor has shared textured renders of the C-32.

These renders follow on from the first teaser in September, where some external modifications and a floor plan of the aircraft was published to kick start their intentions on developing the variant.

Five days later, interior renders of the cabin were distributed, showing some of the cabin in its untextured state. Six weeks later, FlightFactor has shown the cabin in an entirely different perspective: textured, including PBR.

Better known as Air Force 2, the C-32 is used to transport the vice president of the United States, and sometimes, the president.

FlightFactor confirmed in a tweet in September that this will not be a paid upgrade. This is most likely because of the recent release of the Flat Panel Display System (FPDS) avionics upgrade.

In addition to this, FlightFactor tweeted earlier today about work on the A350 V1. The screenshots shared appear to show various cockpit surfaces being placed on a UV texture map. The update is said to be "coming very soon."

Rewind back to July, when FlightFactor posted renders of the landing gear for the A350. It is unclear at this point what else will be present in the upcoming update and future upgrades, but it shows their commitment to the long-range airliner.

FlightFactor can be followed on Twitter.

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