FlightFactor Show Off C-32 Air Force Two-style Modifications

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Aircraft developer FlightFactor is continuing rapid development on their 757 recreation, with previews surfacing in the past hour of Air Force Two-style modelling coming to the 757 Professional, which was last updated on a few weeks ago.

Once again the team used Twitter to break the news, attaching a rough floor plan of the C-32 - which is based on the 757 - as well as previews of the various satellite communication attachments to the roof of the aircraft.

Prior to today's sneak peek, the last we saw of FlightFactor's 757 was with the Flat Panel Display System upgrade at the start of the month. The add-on pack, sold for $20.00 USD, gives the option of a retrofitted avionics package, replacing steam gauges with two flat screen LCDs on both the captain and first officer seats.

Recently, Threshold had Roman and Denis from FlightFactor on to talk about the 757 before the release of the Flat Panel Display System. In addition to question pertaining to the FPDS upgrade, we also discussed topics such as the elusive 777 version 2 and how FlightFactor divides labour between teams. Check out the full interview here.

You can find FlightFactor on Twitter here, with the source post which can be found here.

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