Just Flight Shows Airports Populated with Traffic Global Aircraft

Alex John
Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Several new previews of Just Flight's Traffic Global have been published to the developer's Facebook page, showing airports populated with airlines.

These new previews follow on from last week's video, dedicated to showing the plugin running in a work-in-progress state. You can watch the video and find further details below.

New Just Flight Traffic Global Work In Progress Video
New Just Flight Traffic Global Work In Progress Video

Today's previews meanwhile show screenshots of the plugin at large airports such as London Heathrow, with various aircraft operating. These include variants of the Boeing 787; 737; A320; and many more.

Just Flight wrote on Facebook alongside the screenshots: "Traffic Global X-Plane getting closer to release. Airports getting heavily populated..."

For further previews of Traffic Global, see a list of news here.

The developer released the PA-38 Tomahawk for X-Plane last month. It was recently made available to further vendors, including the Threshold Store.

You can also keep up to date with the developer on Facebook.

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