Just Flight Ships Out Updates for Piper Arrow and Warrior Aircraft

November 18, 2021

Just Flight has updated their renditions of the Piper Warrior, Arrow, and Turbo Arrow for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update introduces minor feature updates and bug fixes to help users find an evermore realistic experience flying these aircraft.

JustFlight has been a staple in the flight sim community for quite some time now, being featured in both X-Plane 11 and now the Microsoft Flight Simulator community, with their latest release in X-Plane 11 being the BAe-146 and the T1/A for MSFS. With a background in both simulation worlds, JustFlight has built a complete catalog of many fan-favorite General Aviation aircraft, with their Piper aircraft line being updated today.

The Piper aircraft catalog from JustFlight has received an update to the three different aircraft involved, all receiving the same features and bug fixes. On the visual front, exterior modeling has been fixed to show the pilot and copilot when a flight has ended.  Across the aircraft, textures and reflections have been reworked for a more realistic effect. Moving to the EFB, the 3d model has received a fix for its black edge tabs. An added addition was implemented into the EFB whereat the top of the screen, the version of the aircraft is displayed to show how updated the aircraft is. A couple of other bug fixes that are included are autopilot stability which has been fixed. A full feature list was provided by JustFlight:

  • Exterior model parts (e.g. pilot) showing up in cockpit when a flight is ended - fixed
  • EFB tab black edges - fixed
  • Version number is now shown on the top bar of the EFB
  • OAT is now shown on the top bar of the EFB (Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on selected MSFS unit of measure)
  • Wheel touchdown effects added
  • Arrow III, Turbo Arrow III and IV variants now have unique rather than shared state saving
  • The alternate air lever can now be controlled using the SET ANTI ICE and TOGGLE ANTI ICE assignments
  • Cabin heat control interactions fixed
  • Beacon light no longer remains off when in cockpit view
  • PUMP ON and PUMP OFF assignments can now be used to control the fuel pump switch
  • Elevator trim axis direction reversed to match behaviour of default aircraft
  • Panel lighting will now be set according to weather conditions as well as time of day as part of the aircraft states
  • KN62 DME speed/time not shown after flight has been restarted - fixed
  • Autopilot roll instability - fixed
  • Autopilot roll knob can now be controlled using the AILERON TRIM LEFT/RIGHT assignment
  • Radio lights can now be manually adjusted with SET NAV LIGHTS assigned
  • Elevator trim wheel tooltip and mouse-wheel sensitivity - fixed
  • Dome light knob tooltip - fixed
  • Dome light will now fail if the overhead lights CB is pulled
  • COM/NAV volume now included in state save
  • Propeller texture/material tweaks
  • Transponder ident added
  • Exhaust heat haze direction fixed
  • Yoke timer usability in VR fixed
  • Sun visor reflections fixed
  • GPS 100 headwind/tailwind logic fixed
  • Exterior lighting effects improved
  • Instrument reflections reduced
  • Correct ASI and RPM scales added to HUD
  • Missing co-pilot fixed
  • Mixture lever can be moved to idle cut-off with the lock engaged but the engine doesn’t cut - fixed

If you are interested in looking into purchasing the Piper Arrow, Turbo Arrow, or Warrior, you can find them all on their website, alternatively you can purchase the three birds at the Threshold Store. All three aircraft has an asking price of $45.00. If you are interested in other products by JustFlight, you can find them on their products page.

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