New JARDesign Airbus A340 Previews Shared

Alex John
Sunday, March 22, 2020

New previews of JARDesign's in-development Airbus A340 have been officially shared, showing the exterior and cockpit of the aircraft.

Today's previews come nearly two years since the developer shared renders of their A340-500, but progress of the aircraft has since been hampered by delays, mainly from external contractors helping to make the aircraft.

In a post to their Facebook page, JARDesign attached three screenshots to a small statement.

"Get some progress with JD340. Really dont know about "WHEN?" but spend a lot of time with 340 development."

Evidently, JARDesign is looking to progress this project, but not without maintaining attention on their existing airliners, namely the A320 and A330.

The A320 has received a fair amount of work within the last couple of months, which is to be included in an upcoming update with new features such as rewritten systems and new cockpit objects and textures.

Threshold last summarised the progress of the airliner last month, and we anticipate to do so again soon.

JARDesign's Facebook page is available to follow here.

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