Orbx & GayaSimulation Releases Meribel (LFKX)

Sam Clark
Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Only a few kilometres from GayaSimulation's previous French scenery, Meribel often stands in the shadow of it's larger brother Courchevel. Both are ski towns located high in the Alps and both boasting impressive curved runways.

Although it's been public knowledge for a while that GayaSimulation have been developing Meribel alongside Courchevel, with the field first hitting newsreels in April 2019, Orbx only officially announced its move to their platform yesterday. GayaSimulation's head developer has said that he prefers the smaller field to Courchevel.

It is important to note that Meribel is considered an expansion to the group's earlier released Courchevel. This means you must already own that scenery in order to purchase this one.

Meribel's features include:

  • Challenging short strip approach over a golf course
  • Sloping runway
  • Many animated cars and golf carts
  • Ultra high quality modeling including ski lifts, equipment, chalets and more
  • Includes the alpine village of Meribel custom modeled
  • Volumetric grass and custom trees and vegetation
  • Realistic night lighting

Because of Meribel's DLC status, the price is relatively low: $9.95 AUD (approx. US$6.87 | €6,17 | £5.33), but as mentioned above requires the $32.95 AUD Courchevel scenery to use. This totals $42.90 AUD to access Meribel (LFKX).

You can purchase Meribel for X-Plane from OrbxDirect here.

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