Orbx Announces Meribel Airport; Publishes More Newcastle & TrueEarth US Northern California Teasers

Alex John
Monday, November 4, 2019

Several previews of upcoming products from Orbx have today been published. They focus on Meribel Airport, Newcastle International Airport, and TrueEarth US Northern California.

Starting with the announcement, Meribel Airport (LFKX) is to be an optional DLC for their Courchevel scenery. Meribel is 5-10 minutes away by aircraft and is situated in an adjoining valley.

The airport is being developed by GayaSimulation, and has been in development for some time.

John Venema wrote in a post on their forum: "Once again Gaya Simulations have done a superb job of adding in all the little details and creating a lively atmosphere at this iconic destination, which has an equally challenging approach as its neighbour."

The features included are:

  • Another challenging short strip approach over a golf course
  • Sloping runway
  • Many animated cars and golf carts
  • Ultra high quality modeling including ski lifts, equipment, chalets and more
  • Includes the alpine village of Meribel custom modeled
  • Volumetric grass and custom trees and vegetation
  • Realistic night lighting
  • Very keenly priced as a DLC addon

The scenery is said to be available "imminently" and is to be priced at AUD 9.95 (approx. GBP £5.30 / US $6.80 / €6.10).

For additional screenshots, be sure to check out the announcement post.

Next up is Newcastle International Airport (EGNT). Orbx recently teased the development of the airport through two 3D modelling images, and today sees some textured renders of small buildings:

Newcastle was also recently previewed by Stairport Sceneries/Aerosoft, although neither have an ETA affixed to them.

Last but not least, an array of TrueEarth US Northern California previews have gone live since its announcement last week. These come courtesy of Iain Emms:

For more screenshots of Iain's flight around KMMH, check out his post here.

Further previews have also been posted by Iain and other members, looking at the bay of San Francisco, Yosemite, Sacramento, and more. These can be found in their previews section.

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