Orbx Releases Six Microsoft Flight Simulator Products

August 18, 2020

Alongside Flightbeam, Orbx becomes the first developer to have released products for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with five airports and a landmarks pack available now.

First up, London City Airport. Released for X-Plane in July 2019, it was the group's first 'fully PBR' project. In MSFS, it contains the following features:

  • PBR representation of London City Airport and surrounds
  • HD textures throughout
  • Detailed groundpoly
  • Includes the Excel building and the Tate & Lyle Sugar factory
  • PBR static aircraft models
  • Works with Landmarks London City Pack

LCY is available for $20.99 AUD on OrbxDirect here.

Orbx's London City Airport.

"This vibrant and exciting airport for pilots lets you take off in an A320 to your favourite Spanish resort, or try your hand at taking the Q400 to many main cities across Europe. Surrounded by lush green fields and a small town, this airport offers incredible views from your cockpit on final approach," the developer says of the next airport released - Leeds Bradford - which contains these features:

  • Updated for the next-gen Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • PBR representation of Leeds Bradford Airport
  • Custom ortho
  • Detailed PBR Ground Service Equipment
  • Detailed groundpoly with runway slope
  • Optimised for best performance

Get your hands on Leeds Bradford for $24.99 AUD on OrbxDirect here.

World famous Innsbruck Airport was next to be released - a product which Orbx are pushing as 'more than just an airport', with the surrounding cityscape represented as well. Over 160 landmarks feature in the scenery, alongside the following:

  • The next generation of scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Complete Airport & Cityscape
  • Ultra-detailed PBR rendition of LOWI
  • Stunning Cityscape with 160+ POI
  • New terminal modeled
  • Hand-coloured custom ortho for entire city
  • Snow-season compatible
  • Custom GSE & static aircraft exclusive to LOWI
  • Stunning PBR textures in 2k & 4k
  • Over a dozen custom bridges and overpasses
  • Ultra-detailed groundpoly
  • Painstaking attention to detail
  • Updated vegetation and grass
  • LOIU & LOJO Heliports
  • Major VFR reference points included
  • Carefully optimized for best performance
  • One of the world's most famous airports!
  • By acclaimed developer Jarrad Marshall

Innsbruck Airport can be had for $26.99 AUD from the Orbx website here.

Another airport which slipped into the list on the Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace is Washington State's Orcas Island Airport.

"Developer Andreas Hegi respectfully pays homage to one of the most memorable airfields that has graced the simulator since the days of FS9. Located in the largest of the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest, in the northwestern corner of Washington state in San Juan County, KORS brings the spirit and charm of Orcas Island to the next generation of Flight Simulator."

Retailing for $17.99 AUD, it is the cheapest of Orbx's airport offerings for MSFS.

Lastly for the airports and also in Washington State is Tacoma-Narrows Airport, which was first released on the X-Plane platform in December 2019. It uses these features:

  • Optimised PBR buildings
  • Static aircraft, clutter and equipment
  • Includes Tacoma Narrows Bridge
  • Detailed groundpoly
  • Great GA airport location

Purchase the scenery from OrbxDirect here.

Starting a new line of products, the developer has also prepared a product dubbed "London City Landmarks Pack", which ups the quality of the default autogen significantly.

The developer claims that 'hundreds' of points of interest are in the pack.

Purchase the Landmarks Pack from OrbxDirect here.

You can find all of Orbx's current Microsoft Flight Simulator lineup on the group's website here.

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