Orbx Teases Unannounced Palm Beach & San Jose Airports

Sam Clark
Friday, March 6, 2020

In a new batch of airports coming in the wake of TrueEarth US Northern California and Florida, Orbx have teased two previously unannounced major projects courtesy of the group's UK-based development team.

Also responsible for Orbx's recently released Tacoma Narrows rendition, the development team has hosted administrator Ed Correia in their Havant, UK base for the past two weeks as they continue work on the next generation of projects.

Impressed by the "quality and speed of their latest two projects", Correia has broken the mold to share renders of both sceneries before their formal debut on the Orbx platform.

Some beady-eyed punters have already established the names of both airports shown off today, identifying them as Palm Beach Airport (KPBI), located in Florida and San Jose Airport (KSJC), in California. Screenshots from both are spread throughout this article.

No further information is available at this time, though it is safe to predict that both airports will make full use of PBR textures, being that the UK development team responsible for KPBI & KSJC were also behind Orbx's "fully PBR" London City scenery released last year.

View the source post for this article on the Orbx forum.

See the other images from the post below:

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