[Updated] Supercritical Simulations Group's CRJ-Series Shelved

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Update 20/05/20 21:07 GMT: A more substantial update has been published, available to read below.

Ricardo Bolognini, one of SSG's founders and the main developer, has commented on the original post to explain the situation.

"Hello, I am one of the SSG founders and the main developer with Javier Cortés. We have decided to suspend development of the CRJ for a while due to many X-Plane changes that delayed the project. New X-Plane technologies and the pressures of the COVID pandemic have led us to focus more on our families and being quarantined with children (in some cases).

"AJ Borysewicz has been one of the developers of the CRJ who worked a lot into this project and did not want to wait until next year and wanted to explore new horizons. We at SSG decided to let AJ as one of the developers to keep going with the project with another group. It does not mean that we will be abandoning the CRJ, it means that for a while with this new landscape and new projects it is stopped while we prepare our current 2 projects for a new simulation era. When (and if) the CRJ project is taken done up by SSG in the future it will incorporate the new technology we are incorporating into our current lineup."

Original article below.

Supercritical Simulations Group, best known for their renditions of the Boeing 747-8 and Embraer E-Jets Evolution Series, has announced work on the CRJ-Series has been suspended.

The CRJ-700 that was in development was first announced five years ago, deep in the days of X-Plane 10

Posted to the dedicated Facebook group, Andrzej Borysewicz announced work has been nixed and is unsure if it will ever be completed.

"Due to a specific situation we are all in CRJ work has stopped," wrote Borysewicz. "No info on if it will be resumed."

Though the exact situation was not mentioned, it is reasonable to suggest one such scenario is the result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, backed up by his wording "we are all in".

Reactions from those in the group have been a mixed bag, with many dismissive of the developer for their decision.

"Wow you start a project and then just give up," wrote one user.

Another turned their back entirely: "I was considering the 747 but I think this post just made my mind up for me."

"Will the model at least be released for free without the complex systems?" asked one user, hoping for a positive resolution. "And don’t attack these guys. You never know what is going on. Especially in the time of COVID."

"Nooooooooo! Hoping all is resolved soon," said another.

The last significant update to this project was in February when it was said work had begun on the displays in the cockpit.

The developer unveiled more previews last month of the freighter version of their 747-8, following on from the first images earlier in the year.

Of interest too, is the fact they mentioned development of the ERJ E-Jet E2 family of aircraft back in January; a day later, Borysewicz said that the CRJ "is a priority now", confirming the E2 to be in the works.

Supercritical Simulation Group's CRJ-Series Facebook group can be found here.

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