First Previews of SSG's 747-8 V2 Freighter

February 7, 2020

Following news on the group's other ongoing development project, the CRJ-700, earlier this week, SSG have dropped the first previews of the promised freighter extension coming to the aircraft which was released in October 2019.

A notable omission from the initial release, the 747-8F variant was present in the aircraft's version 1 run, though separate from the passenger edition. Following community backlash over the release of V2, the developer decided to make the Freighter a free update to those who purchased the new version.

Posted to Facebook, the developer has little to add in terms of information on the forthcoming update besides five images of the Freighter inside a 3D modelling program.

747-8i v2 received its first update, dubbed Service Pack 1, some four weeks after its initial release, responding to a number of user complaints with the aircraft following widespread controversy due to poor developer communication post release. Addressing said complaints, the 29-line changelog touched almost all aspects of the aircraft, from modelling to FMC to liveries. Learn more about that in a previous article.

The group is also working on a second project alongside updates to both the 747-8 and E-Jets line, in the form of the CRJ-700 Regional Jet. This aircraft has been in-progress for a number of years, having only recently begun work on system fidelity as announced last week.

You can see the source post for this article on the Supercritical Simulations Group Facebook page.

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