Aerosoft Previews German Islands Vol. 1: East Frisia

May 22, 2020

Aerosoft and their partner developer Stairport are back in the X-Plane scenery scene following some time off to focus on their Scenery Animation Manager product, with a new preview of German Islands 1: East Frisia published today.

One aspect of the scenery package will be the island of Wangerooge, just off the coast of the German mainland - it has a small sealed runway and two grass strips, serving primarily as a general aviation field.

"Today, we have got another small glimpse of the upcoming X-Plane11 add-on “German Islands 1: East Frisia” for you. This time: Screenshots of the island and the airfield Wangerooge," said the developer.

It is unclear how many more of the East Frisian Islands will be covered in this scenery, as five of the six nearby islands also have airfields. Additionally, there's no word of release date or price for the package at this time.

Stairport's previous work included the popular Scenery Animation Manager plugin and the recent roll out of the "SAM Suite", an application allowing for easy installation and configuration of addons to the plugin - they've also worked with Aerosoft for more than two years on converting sceneries to X-Plane, most recently with Captain7's Nuremberg Airport.

The developer also creates standalone sceneries for Laminar's sim, as is the case today.

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