TORQUESIM Pocket Rocket to Feature Synthetic Vision

March 2, 2019

Cooper LeComp, one of the two main developers at TORQUESIM has debuted another headline feature of the group's upcoming Pocket Rocket (Impulse 100) aircraft, synthetic vision.

Synthetic Vision in X-Plane is the brain child of Saso Kiselkov and the team at HotStart and allows pilots to better visualise their flight situation through augmented reality-type technology that displays terrain and runway features, usually overlaid behind the primary flight display.

Synthetic Vision implemented in the HotStart TBM 900.

LeComp announced the coming of synthetic vision in a comment on the AFM Simulation Discord server:

"We are excited to be bringing it [synthetic vision] to the Pocket Rocket! Give a huge thanks to @totoritko [Saso Kiselkov] for making it available for licensing!"
The Synthetic Vision system.

You can join the AFM Discord server here, or check out the Threshold Discord server here. For more previews of TORQUESIM's Pocket Rocket, see a previous article.

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