Verticalsim Studios Updates Two Airports

Sam Clark
Friday, November 1, 2019

Two airports which feature in American scenery maker Verticalsim Studios' range have been updated, the first major changes they've received since release. The sceneries in question, Norfolk (KORF) and Baltimore (KBWI) are receiving their version 1.4 and 1.6 updates respectively.

Norfolk, an in-house Verticalsim project, was first made available in May 2019. Version 1.4 adds Scenery Animation Manager jetways, better ground textures and more realistic ground traffic, in addition to a few bug fixes.

Verticalsim Studios' Norfolk.

Baltimore's update has a much smaller changelog - only dealing with optimisation improvements. The airport was created by Departure Designs and was released in March 2019, published under what was then Vertical Simulations.

Verticalsim Studios' Baltimore.

To get the latest updates, see the store page for Norfolk and Baltimore here and re-download the package.

Not quite pulled the trigger on Norfolk yet? Check out our recent video featuring the scenery here for an accurate and in-depth review of the airport.

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