threshold Initiates new brand direction

April 1, 2021

Press Release:

Peter Tram, The Chief Designer of Threshold is leaving indefinitely in pursuit of professional bamboo weaving.

"I believe the next stage of my career progression is professional bamboo weaving. I like pandas and they like bamboos, so maybe in the future I would be able to knit a bamboo suit for a panda someday."

Magnus Lorvik, the CEO of Threshold has announced that he will take on the duties of the Chief Designer temporarily while he seeks a new replacement design director.

"The abrupt departure of Threshold's co-founder and designer is saddening, but we will support his personal endeavours."

The departure of Peter Tram has signalled a change in branding creative direction and identity, spurred by Sol Vashez, Threshold's Media head, the company will take on a fresh down to earth look that aims to cater towards the young demographic.

"It's time that I think Threshold should relax it's authoritative position in Flight Simulation news and embark on a new journey to appeal towards the younger generation. Yeet!" Magnus noted.

One of the big changes to this brand reframing involve the adoption of Comic Sans throughout the company's visual portfolio.

Sol added: "Comic Sans is heralded as the font of gods. Distinctively childish, yet approachable."

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