No Money Mondays: Bergen Airport by WombiiActual

May 13, 2024

Another week, another No Money Monday! On today’s edition of NMM, we are checking out WombiiActual’s work, and his amazing Bergen Flesland Airport in Norway. Located in the south west of Norway, this airport serves three cities Flesland, Bergen and Vestland, and averages around 6 million passengers yearly.

Opened in 1953, it was used mostly by the Royal Norwegian Air Force, until 1955, when the airport was officially opened for passenger service. Before the runway expansions, the only aircraft operating at this airport were DHC-3 Otters and DC-3s. In the 70s, Bergen Flesland became an ideal fuel stop for transatlantic service, due to the short range of the DC-8s that were operating the routes from Copenhagen and Stockholm to New York at the time. Later, this route was taken over by Boeing 747s, negating the need for a fuel stop.

Following the end of the Cold War, military activity at Flesland significantly diminished, and since 1995, only the personnel necessary for maintaining infrastructure were left, reducing the number of crew to just 33 people. Today, Bergen Flesland is the second busiest airport in Norway, serving over 18 airlines to over 60 destinations all around Europe.

The rendition of Bergen Airport includes many features such as:

  • VDGS
  • Custom lights
  • Correctly placed and named taxiways
  • Correctly placed and named parking spaces in the terminal area
  • Taxi signs
  • Terraforming + sloped runway
  • Custom ground paint
  • Grass aprons to cover broken aerial images
  • 3D models including Passenger terminals, Helicopter terminals, Fire stations, ATC tower, Flying club hangar and parking garage

This amazing scenery can be found on!

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