Into the Hive: Updates on Honeycomb's Journey

February 11, 2024

Since the release of our previous article revealing one side's perspective within Honeycomb, titled  “What is going on at Honeycomb”, lingering uncertainties persist, prompting a need for further investigation.

Despite our efforts to gain insight from Mike Steup at Snakebyte regarding recent developments, communication remains elusive, with only initial responses directing us to the official Honeycomb website. Yet, promised announcements from Steup are notably absent, leaving us to parse through the changes evident on the domain – changes that do signal a management shift, but maybe not as portrayed on the official webpage. 

Amidst this apparent transformation, signs of continuity emerge, with reports of individuals still collaborating with Nicki Repenning, Honeycomb's original founder.

The abrupt nature of the domain takeover raises suspicions regarding its execution and access to original design assets, especially when comparing the old and new website iterations. Moreover, Nicki's establishment of a new domain,, suggests a parallel effort to sustain operations. As we delve deeper into these developments, the need for clarity and transparency becomes increasingly pressing.

Continuing our investigation into the tumultuous changes at Honeycomb, we sought perspectives from various stakeholders to shed light on the unfolding situation. Among those we approached was the Discord support team, hoping to glean insights into the company's internal dynamics.

Our efforts led us to Grant Sproson, Director of Operations at Honeycomb, who provided a candid account of the current state of affairs. Grant's testimony offers a glimpse into the ongoing struggle for control within the company and the concerted efforts of its employees to navigate through the challenges. 

Here's what Grant had to say:

The original support team is continuing to work with and for Nicki as we transition through the issues he has previously released to the public. All our agents have the training on our products with separate knowledge on the different simulators, so we are able to offer assistance to the whole range of support issues. While we have been slow to respond to a number of tickets, I hope what has come to light will put a full explanation to why we were unable to provide answers.

As many know, we did lose access to the ‘’ email addresses, but we have re-established new emails for the whole team with ‘’. While we also have currently lost access to the original website url and shop system, we are in full control of the Zendesk ticket support system. We had to change a few bits around on there, but now what has been happening behind the scenes has been made public, and staff have a clearer direction; I have instructed the support manager & his team to begin answering all possible tickets with the answers they are looking for. While some questions, such as ‘release times for the Charlies’, may be met with disappointment due to now-known reasons, we will be giving all customers nothing short of the truth.

Snakebyte currently own and operate all ‘’ email addresses including the support email listed on the webpage, I cannot say what the plan is for Snakebyte in terms of offering support and who they are using to work with customers at this stage, but customers are of course free to use that email if so desired.

Customers who wish to open a new support ticket with us can do so here, customers can also reach us at our discord channel here where our staff will be monitoring activity and the community as a whole can come together.

Also, as a reminder, the current Honeycomb Aeronautical Facebook page is not ours, and customers who reach out to this page will be guided by the support Snakebyte is putting into place.

As we await further responses from Grant Sproson and delve deeper into the complexities surrounding Honeycomb's recent developments, one thing remains certain: the community's demand for transparency and clarity grows ever more urgent.

We aim to stay on top of this topic and give you the latest developments as soon as they unfold.

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