No Money Mondays: A Sky Story Corsica Photoreal

March 8, 2021
Alexandre Faroux
nobody, apparently.

Ever had the frustration of flying over Orthophotos full of clouds or inaccurately coloured tiles? French developer A Sky Story provides X-Plane users with the possibility to fly seamlessly over the beautiful Mediterranean island of Corsica.

A Sky Story has released through the years three photoreal sceneries; among those Corsica, the Alps, Ibiza and South Lake Tahoe. Recently, the developer has picked up airport development starting with Libourne then Bergerac and most recently Bordeaux. All of these are available for free on the developer’s website

The developer has applied numerous modifications to the imagery such as changing the brightness, contrast and colour settings. This allows the island to look more realistic when flying over the island. 

With a zoom level of 17, this pack is appropriate for VFR flying at low levels as the imagery is sharp even from up close.

I found that some areas were too bright and that some parts lacked saturation. However, the transition between tiles is not noticeable and no clouds appear on the ground. Furthermore, the imagery is extremely sharp making low-level flying very enjoyable.

Overlays are not included in the package, therefore, I recommend using SimHeaven’s X-Europe V5 which provides very detailed landmarks and OSM overlays. However, overlays can also be generated using the Ortho4XP tool. 

A Sky Story’s Corsica Photoreal scenery is available on the developer’s website for free and requires 9.8GB of storage. It is compatible with both X-Plane 10 and 11. 

Note: The screenshots were taken using X-Enviro, X-Europe and the JustFlight Robin DR400

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