No Money Mondays: DejanGoranBoba

April 8, 2024

Today I’d like to introduce you to one of the best freeware scenery developer groups: DejanGoranBoba. This group consisting of three friends has made over 17 airports in Serbia: ranging from Nikola Tesla Airport - LYBE, Nis, Kraljevo, and Vrsac, all the way to the small VFR airfields around Serbia. Interestingly enough, even with the high level of detail, none of their sceneries are larger than 125 MB.

DejanGoranBoba are three friends with the same passion for flight simulators, and they all have something in aviation: Dejan is a military and civil pilot, Goran used to be an Air Traffic Control Officer and Boba has experience in flying Ultralight aircraft.

Each one of these airports is a result of hard work - every airport has been hand-crafted and carefully made to be as close as possible to the real-life version of the airport. They did not limit themselves to sceneries only though, as they offer multiple high-quality realistic liveries for various GA aircraft.

Being the pioneers of the flight simulation community in Serbia, they have made a Discord Server, encouraging other flight sim enthusiasts to start developing sceneries and liveries for MSFS. You can find a whole section dedicated to tutorials for making sceneries and home cockpits, as well as tutorials for IFR, VFR flying, and ATC phraseology.

You can find their creations here: Dejan’s sceneries, Goran’s sceneries, Boba’s sceneries

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