No Money Mondays: SBSP by Zoffy

September 4, 2023

This week, our No Money Monday adventures take us to Brazil to check out the amazing Zoffy edition of São Paulo-Congonhas Airport. This fantastic freeware scenery has received the "superb" 4.99 star rating on, making it one of those sceneries you just can't miss out on. The progress already made on this fantastic scenery is only half way there according to the developer. There are still huge plans in place for the scenery and it continues to develop and improve, week on week.

São Paulo-Congonhas Airport was initially planned in 1919, but did not open until 1936. The location was chosen for being on a hill with little vegetation, as well as having favorable winds. Congonhas was built out of necessity, due to the fact that the other local airport, Campo de Marte, was already having capacity and operational issues. The airport was originally used as the exclusive airfield for the airline VASP, which started flying twice-daily round trips to Rio de Janeiro, which became one of the busiest air routes and still is today. Congonhas took up the role of serving all international flights to and from São Paulo until 1985. Today, the airport serves only domestic routes with five different airlines, and is a hub airport for GOL and LATAM Brasil. 

The MSFS rendition of Conhongas has a variety of features, including:

  • Custom Terminal, with modeled interior
  • Accurate approach lighting and buildings
  • Accurate taxiways and taxiway markings
  • EMAS system at the end of Runway 17R and 35L
  • Correct airport height relative to surrounding area
  • Custom road paths
  • Custom taxiway signs
  • And much, much more

You can get this amazing airport for free at!

Be sure to stay tuned to Threshold next week to see where the freeware fun heads to next!

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