NMM: London Stansted Airport by Liiiam

April 30, 2023

London Stansted Airport is one of the major international airports located in the southeast of England, approximately 35 miles northeast of central London. It was opened in 1943 as a World War II airbase and was later converted into a commercial airport in 1966. Today, it serves as a hub for low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and EasyJet, handling over 28 million passengers annually. The airport has a single runway and terminal building, which houses various shops, restaurants, and amenities for passengers. It offers flights to over 200 destinations across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Despite being located outside of London, the airport is well-connected to the city with frequent train services and bus transfers.

This week's No Money Monday features a brilliant freeware scenery created by Liiiam which beautifully recreates London Stansted (EGSS) The scenery boasts some incredible features such as modelled terminal interiors, fully modelled control tower interiors, working buses, trams and other ground vehicles and accurate building and hanger placement. 

Just some of the outstanding latest features of this scenery are: 

  • All assets are well-textured (including night lighting)
  • Bespoke & highly detailed 3D models are placed around each and every gate, including signage and custom baggage vehicles.
  • Gates are functional using the default moving ramps (Which are similar enough to the ones used at Stansted.
  • Some 3D interiors (Mostly satellite terminals and in ATC tower)
  • Animated vehicles throughout (baggage carts, transit system, air-side buses and terminal buses)
  • Custom static aircraft - 737-800 Ryanair & Jet2
  • Accurate custom ground markings, apron textures and taxi markings are hand-placed
  • Accurate taxiway naming works with the default ATC.
  • Up-to-date 2020 constructions including the new Apron E, Multi-Story car park and realistic construction site
  • Hampton by Hilton and Radisson Blu hotels, and Enterprise House police station all animated in detail with animated flags
  • Immersive clutter, debris and grime textures around each gate
  • Placed the parking spots from scratch to reflect real gate numbers

You can download this fantastic scenery from Flightsim.to 

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